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Keller Johnson Construction, Inc.

Keller Johnson Construction, Inc. and Capital Investments of Conway, LLC, is the vision of Keller J Johnson, who says being self-employed comes quite naturally. “I have been self-employed almost all of my life,” he explains. “By the time I was 21 years old, I started my first business. From there I continued to explore my interests, and in 1997, I built and acquired my first rental property. Over the years, I expanded into construction full time and started Keller Johnson Construction, Inc.”

Over the last 18 years, the company has grown from commercial and residential rental property to commercial and residential construction and a combination of various other projects.

“I love the idea of starting from nothing and building something,” he says. “Having a vision and seeing the end product — this business has allowed me to incorporate my passion for working hard and earning a life for myself, but most importantly into a career that excites me, keeps me driven, and is something that I love.”

Johnson says his employees describe him as more than just as boss. “To me, and them, we’re family, and Conway is our home — that is the root of my business as a whole. We’re a wholesome company that truly cares about every project and person we come in contact with. “I am constantly trying to encourage them, push them, as well as try to be a positive role model.”

Perhaps this business/family model stems from the lessons instilled to Johnson by several great mentors, one of which, was his father. “My dad, James Johnson, taught me how to work hard have a vision and complete projects,” he says. “

Away from work, Johnson spends a lot of time with his family cooking and grilling and working on sentimental projects. His family (all of them) will play a big part in his future,” Johnson says. “I see myself continuing to grow my company, loving my career, being surrounded by my incredible family, and continuing to work hard at the life I have built, and improving not only professionally but also personally as well as continuing to try to inspire others,” he says.

As for working, long-term goals include finishing big projects he’s been working on and continue to expand his businesses to serve more of the Conway and Faulkner County community.

Favorite Quotes:
“Take care of the small stuff and the big stuff will take care of itself”
“How you fall isn’t near as important as how you get back up”
“People that aren’t willing to walk away from a deal--sometimes make bad deals”
“If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck more than likely, it’s a duck”
“Go with your gut!”

“Don’t step over a dollar to make a dime”
“God gave you two ears and one mouth; listen twice as much as you speak”