Building a successful business

Keller Johnson is a builder in Conway in more ways than one. In addition to building homes, warehouses, condos and airport hangars, Johnson has built lasting professional relationships that have, in turn, helped him to build his resume to include owning eight businesses dealing with real estate or construction.

Johnson shares credit for his success with his family and team, which often overlap.

“I can’t imagine trying to do anything without these people,” Johnson said of his crew. “It truly is a family business.”

Built for a builder

Local builder and developer Keller Johnson gave us a glimpse of his own family’s Centennial Valley home, which he built in 2010. He resides there with wife, Christi, and their daughter, Kinleigh Grace. The couple also has two adult children, Kristen and Kerrick, and one grandson, Jaxson.

Princeton Village

Plans for an exciting new development in West Conway have just been announced, and you’re invited to check out all the possibilities for a new home in Princeton Village.

Located at Prince Street and College Avenue, Princeton Village has been designed to be a modern development of garden homes, with lots of green space and an attractive layout.